Handling and Opening Your Prints

We are a small team here and do our very best at all times to ensure your prints reach you in the best possible condition! 

From finding the perfect packaging to the best printers.

When packaging it we take paper grain into consideration as well as size and shape. We wear art handling gloves and ensure no finger prints appear on your pristine print. But due the nature of traditional illustration techniques there maybe small smudges or ink spots which are not intentional but are part of the handmade and creative process. All prints are signed and checked by the artist and therefore each mark is part of the prints life and uniqueness.

If delivered in a tube when removing your print reach in with clean hands or cotton gloves and very gently twist the print to make it smaller, slowly pull the print out from the centre. Do not pull quickly at a corner as you will create creases. Flat pack prints must not be opened with and sharp tool. Please open by hand only. Curves in paper are the nature of the heavier weight paper and will eventually flatten when framed.

Please note that print sizes can vary very slightly and we advise only ordering framing once you have received the print to ensure that it is the perfect fit!